Marion Maréchal, “kingmaker” of the French far right

According to The Spectator, an engagement of Marion Maréchal in the campaign of Eric Zemmour could undermine the ambitions of his aunt Marine Le Pen. For the conservative magazine, the former deputy is in a position to referee the match being played on the far right of French political life.

The UK’s leading conservative right-wing newspaper, the Spectator looks at the French presidential campaign: will Marion Maréchal (formerly Maréchal-Le Pen) support Éric Zemmour?

The one who was the youngest deputy in the history of the French Republic is – according to the Spectator – “Photogenic, intelligent, charming, and has everything to please voters”. At the National Assembly, between 2012 and 2017, she “Had won the respect of both right and left for her practicality and courtesy and gathered many supporters behind her”, also advances the Eurosceptic magazine.


By returning to the political scene, she could rally the voters of the National Rally to her friend Eric Zemmour, whose campaign “Seems to be bogged down”.

She could be the ‘deus ex machina’ capable of mediating the conflict between Macron’s three main adversaries : Le Pen and Zemmour and Valérie Pécresse. ”

The polemicist’s advisers don’t ask for much: a simple




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