Maritime Police rescued 36 people from shipwreck in the Algarve | accidents

The Maritime Police of Portimão this Monday rescued 36 people on the coast of the Algarve, 600 meters from the Farol de Alfanzina, in the municipality of Lagoa, after a recreational boat sank.

Of these 36 people, four are children, as confirmed to PÚBLICO by the commander of the Maritime Police of Portimão, Rodrigo Gonzalez. The victims, who reportedly suffered only minor injuries, are now receiving medical assistance.

“It was a maritime-tourist vessel that sank. No one is in the water. People are being evaluated by a medical team”, he told the Renaissance Commander Rodrigo Gonzalez.

The alert was given to the Maritime Police at 13:21. By 3:30 pm, 47 operational personnel were involved in the rescue operations, supported by 15 vehicles and an aircraft.

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