Ricardo Montaner's peculiar tweet

After the marriage of Stefy Roitman and Ricky Montaner, a curious tuir of Ricardo Montaner in which he assured: “The last son Montaner and the first daughter Roitman are getting married. As my son Héctor said, ‘the Watsapp group closes, nobody leaves, nobody enters’ “. His words caught the attention of users.

Since before the viralization of the tweet, many followers ironically pointed towards the Montaners as a “sect” and the commentary of the renowned international musician further fueled the versions that brand his family as a “mafia.” But tired of haters, Marlene Rodriguez, artist’s wife, came out at the crossroads of those who question their loved ones.

Ricardo Montaner’s peculiar tweet (Capture Twitter /)

The mother of Evaluna, Want to Y Ricky He told how much those sayings about his family affect him: “It hurts a little more. And I imagine it hurts more because I am like the mother hen that I do not want to say anything about my children. Above all, when I feel that it is not fair “, he began in a heads up with Pampito in” Mañanísimas “.

“It affects me. I know that my children’s artists are much more cured. So, I stay more withdrawn from that because it hurts, “he revealed. On the other hand, he also ruled out the possibility of being “a perfect family”: “We have thousands of differences. I’m funny because there is nothing different from us to a traditional family, the only thing that we are more exposed to. We are a family that we fight, of course ”.

Marlene with Ricardo Montaner.

Marlene with Ricardo Montaner.

And he confessed: “It horrifies me when they say that we are a perfect family. It horrifies me because there is nothing further from that. We all have 500 reasons ”.

Marlene told how she reacts to criticism of her children on the networks

“I started reading while I waited for them to come to find me and There were two very ugly comments on the joke, and I blocked them. And I blocked them because I don’t want to have toxic people in my life, neither in the networks nor in life. A person who is capable of making a bomb comment in my little window, the truth is that I do not want to be around, “he revealed.

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner, the wedding of the year

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner, the wedding of the year

Regarding Montaner’s curious tweet, the businesswoman explained: “We we bet on love for life. It may happen that someone gets divorced. But we do not marry thinking that if it does not work we will separate. That nobody enters is that there are no third parties, Y that nobody leaves because here we are and we will be fine”.

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