After the controversy that it generated, and that caused talk, even unleashing a cataract of memes during the pandemic, Maru Botana He spoke about his present away from the small screen, and after confessing that he would have liked to have more children and that he does not rule out adopting, he expressed his wishes to return to television.

I am going to Mendoza every week because we are finishing the first Hospital for malnourished boys and I set up a women’s cooperative, I taught them how to cook a pastafrola, so I am very happy”, The cook began in dialogue with Implacables.

And continuing with the talk, without avoiding the journalist’s question, he referred to that episode in which it became viral because it was shown on the networks “eating” ice. “I get bad with injustices. Not those, they make me laugh. I enjoy and have a good time. I laughed to death with what happened. But I was struck by the look of the men when I got off the plane. That made me ashamed “Maru acknowledged.

“I would like to go back to television but with what I did before, worse I have no proposal. A program for the world or a family reality show ”, proposed the cook.

It was then that the renowned cook entered the professional level and stated: “I would like to go back to television but not with these programs now but with what I did before. A super relaxed, calm, fun, funny and good vibes program “.

However, despite his desire to return to TV Botana, he acknowledged that no proposal has yet come to him and added: “I have a million things and TV today I don’t know where I would have it. I am very much in the networks. I would like to make a program for the world”.

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I would also like a family reality show there. I would have fun. I did not see the reality of the other celebrities, but my family is very funny”, Maru fired throwing the proposal and leaving the door open in case any interested producer hears the note.

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