Marvel is going through the courts to seek full rights to the characters of the

Marvel is going through the courts to seek full rights to the characters of the “Avengers”


Disney-owned Marvel Entertainment intends to seek full ownership of the characters in the Avengers franchise through the courts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the company has already filed several lawsuits in the courts of New York and California against the heirs of the creators of the comics about Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow and other characters in the franchise.

According to the company’s position, which is set out in the lawsuit, all of these characters were created while working under a contract of employment, and in connection with this, their creators and heirs cannot claim any copyright on them.

It is noted that if Marvel loses the lawsuits, then the Disney Corporation may suffer significant losses.

According to the publication, a number of heirs to the creators of the heroes have previously applied for the renewal of copyright for Marvel characters. So, in August this year, the heirs of the writer and artist Steve Ditko submitted a similar petition to renew the copyright for Spider-Man. If satisfactorily resolved, Disney will be required to waive the rights to the character in June 2023. However, even if similar petitions of other heirs are satisfied, the corporation will retain some of the copyright for the characters, and will not completely lose them. In addition, the decision will only be valid in the United States.

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