Masks, health pass, ...: the subjects on the table of the Consultation Committee

Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels Region are facing many differences in the decisions to be taken this Friday during the Concertation Committee.

Lhe Concertation Committee (Codeco) of August 20 announced the reopening of nightclubs for October 1 as well as the publication, on Friday September 10, of a protocol to frame this relaunch of clubs after a year and a half of closure. . This was to leave 20 days for establishments to prepare to welcome the public back to their dance floor. However, according to good sources, we have heard that this document listing the conditions for restarting the nocturnal parties will not be released until Friday, September 17, question of being endorsed by Codeco which meets that day. It appears that the file is legally more complex than expected because it involves the federal government and the regions.

A senior partner in government said this to the Evening : “This is the time to take a decision in a whole series of areas, all linked to the Covid crisis, and we are witnessing a real North-South showdown. Another, still in Vivaldi: “There is a big community blockage at this stage. ”

Le Covid Safe Ticket

At this stage, the implementation of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) for all boxes in the kingdom is no longer in doubt. But from how many clients? The CST would be required from 100 clients. Another question: will nightclub operators have to equip themselves with more efficient ventilation and / or air purification systems? If so, when and with what money? Professionals are asking for more than the three-month period that has been mentioned to meet more demanding air standards as well as 100% financing of the appropriate technical installations by the public authorities because the clubs have no more money. .

The Flemish parties want to put an end to it, Wallonia not too much (it has a lot to do with the floods, it does not want, in addition, to have to manage alone the exit from the Covid crisis) and Brussels is shouting daredevil: Region-Capital, late in vaccination, is not able to cope with everything, alone, right away.

Wearing a mask

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said in an interview with Evening last weekend that the next advisory committee would discuss relaxing the wearing of the mouth mask. Abolishing it altogether is not a good idea, according to Erika Vlieghe. She would even consider it “reckless” to abandon him now. Winter is coming and we are all going to be spending more time indoors. In addition, in many places vaccination is still insufficient. Moreover, the effects and durability of vaccinations over the months still need to be monitored and the delta variant is still circulating.

The Flemish parties (the CD&V in the lead) want to put a spell on wearing a mask, we brake in the south. It will probably be necessary to agree on differentiated policies. The famous Belgium at several speeds.

The same goes for the extension of the Covid Safe Ticket: Codeco on Friday will encourage everyone to do the best they can, in their own way.

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