Mason gets almost 20 years in prison for killing partner

Bricklayer Edgar Pereira Costa, arrested in 2017 for killing his partner asphyxiated in Salvador, was sentenced to 19 years and 8 months in prison this week. The information was released by the Public Ministry of Bahia (MP-BA) this Friday (3). The decision came out on Thursday (2).

According to the MP, in addition to suffocating, the man would have raped the victim. The murder took place on August 2 of that year, at the bricklayer’s house, in the neighborhood of Itapuã. The body was found two days after the murder by Edgar’s eldest son.

Investigations pointed out that the man had been in an abusive relationship with the victim for almost a year, in which the woman was routinely the target of physical violence.

The conviction came out in the Jury Court. The crime was categorized as feminicide qualified by asphyxiation, for a resource that made it impossible to defend the victim and hide the corpse. The defendant will serve the sentence in an initially closed regime.

The accusation was sustained in the Jury by the Public Prosecutor Davi Gallo. In the sentence, Judge Paulo Sérgio Barbosa also ordered the defendant to serve a 12-day fine for the crime.

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