Massacres Irapuato: Uber rules out that Omar Federico worked on the application

Irapuato.- The Uber platform ruled out that Omar Federico Average Zavala, belonged to his staff of drivers.

The young man was murdered last Thursday night and his vehicle was allegedly used to commit other crimes.

Application staff contacted AM and explained that neither the driver nor the vehicle are registered and have no activity on the platform, so the event is not related to the application.

The young man was killed last Thursday night and his vehicle was allegedly used to commit other crimes.

In relation to the unfortunate discovery of the body of a man in Irapuato, due to the seriousness of the case and given the information disseminated on social networks, we consider it important to specify that there is no record of activity on the Uber platform that matches the identity of the person, published dates and vehicle information. The event is not related to the use of the Uber application, “they said in a statement.

Although the person did not collaborate with them, sent their condolences to the family, as well as being willing to collaborate with the authorities if necessary.

We express our condolences to the family members. We are in total disposition to collaborate with the authorities in case of being required ”.

About the fact, In the first instance, the young man was reported by his relatives as missing through the Facebook page ‘Desaparecidos Irapuato y GTO’, where they gave details of the last time he was seen alive and what he was working on.

Omar was last seen at approximately 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2021, on his way to the Villas de San Cayetano de Irapuato neighborhood. He is an Uber operator and was on duty when a service was requested from Villas de San Cayetano; he was traveling in a red March, license plates GVJ042D, (the vehicle was found burned hours later) Until now, his whereabouts are unknown ”.

Friday morning Omar’s body was found on a dirt road that leads to the Pedro Arteaga community, better known as ‘El Tocotín’.

The vehicle was found on fire on a dirt road, next to the Private University of Irapuato (UPI).

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