Viih Tube explains make-out phase and reveals

After reading a comment that said he was too cute for his wife Shantal, Mateus Verdelho insisted on rebutting the unnecessary consideration made by the internet user. Direct and straight, he even gave advice to the person responsible for the declaration.

“On the subject of ‘beauty’. Well, first, what an unfortunate message this person sent to Shantal, unnecessary anyway. I think Shantal is a beautiful, sexy, attractive, caring, partner, loyal, correct, determined, intelligent, hardworking, very strong woman and, finally, an excellent mother. But I think everyone has heard the phrase ‘beauty is not put on the table’, he began.

Subsequently, he revealed to feel sorry for those who take beauty seriously for a relationship. “Today it is very difficult to believe in love, most of it is based on images, poor people… I’m sorry. I also know that nowadays finding a true and loyal partner is much more difficult than winning the Mega-Sena. But now, if you haven’t been able to find the ‘pot lid’ yet, don’t try to uncap someone else’s pot”, he said.

Finally, the former pawn mocked the thought of the internet user who intruded on his love life. “That’s ugly, if you don’t know it’s called envy. I hope you have an excellent 2022 and that you win the Mega-Sena, because your ‘pot lid’ apparently will be a little harder to find”, he commented.

defended the husband

In recent weeks, Mateus Verdelho was detonated by some netizens, after Shantal say that she suffered violence during the birth of her daughter Domenica. At the time, she made a point of speaking out and defended her husband who, according to her, was not to blame for anything.

“Stop demanding that from Mateus. He was as vulnerable as I was. The lives and health of his wife and daughter were in the doctor’s hands. What was he going to do? To fight? (…) Fighting so that all the blame falls on him and they say he’s the one who disrupted the delivery room? He’s a victim like me. He is in therapy because of all this, he is very shaken. He doesn’t even appear on Instagram anymore, which is a tool for his work and his livelihood,” he said.

Finally, the influencer showed even more understanding of what had happened.; “It’s not easy for him to imagine that he could have done a thousand things right then and there. It turns out that in these moments there is a hierarchy and when they are dealing with the life of the one you love, you are simply hostage to whatever behavior the other person has,” she revealed.

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