Matheus, from the duo with Kauan, shows the result of LAD lipo

Matheus, from the duo with Kauan, impressed his followers by publishing the result of his LAD Lipo surgery. In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the singer highlighted how much this change has been necessary for the return of his self-esteem.

“Almost 7 liters of fat were removed. The post has been super good, the first five days were more tense, but it’s been super good. I’m finding it top, the first time I have these buds in my belly, “she explained.

On social media, the sertanejo singer said he has been doing his part, especially in healthy eating, so that the results are increasingly evident.

“I’m here doing my part to get the best result in the shortest possible time, but I’m VERY happy! Soon returning to the shows with a new SHAPE without the beer belly! Thank you to the entire team at @estetica.amanda.zanuto for the amazing post-op work! So, did you like it?”, he concluded.

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