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Mats Hummels used the international break for a short trip to Denmark. In Copenhagen, however, the BVB star was apparently not traveling alone …

Munich – There used to be international breaks for Mats Hummels* exhausting days. Two to three games in a few days, that was next to the tight schedule in the Bundesliga and Champions League* Little space for leisure activities.

Who the ambitious BVB* -Star knows that he would have played in the past World Cup qualifying games of the DFB team against Romania (2: 1) and North Macedonia (4: 0), but national coach Hansi Flick renounced the 2014 world champion so that he can heal his stubborn patellar tendon injury properly.

Hummels used the free time to travel to Copenhagen * with buddy Johannes Mösmang and to take a casual city tour there. However, the two boys shouldn’t be trundled through one of the hippest cities in Europe alone. the image writes that a lady named Stefanie Brigon should also have been there.

Mats Hummels: Turtel rumors about BVB star – does the world champion already have a new flame?

The Danish beauty with Greek roots is reminiscent of the type Cathy Hummels*. Dark hair, dark complexion. But Stefanie can’t hold a candle to her on Instagram. She has almost 10,000 followers there, Cathy shines with 650,000 *. Mats doesn’t seem to care, because loud image Hummels and Brigon are said to have flirted and kissed each other in the exclusive members’ club “Museo”.

For the BVB star, things are going well again after a long break from injury at the start of the season. Before the international break, he celebrated his starting line-up comeback in mid-September and impressed with strong performances.

On Saturday BVB will face Mainz 05. On Sunday the FC Bayern* and Bayer Leverkusen measure directly in the top game, Dortmund could take the lead with a win over 05 and a draw in the top game. Then Hummels would be at the top here too … (smk) * tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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