Maureen Dor reveals having been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot

After the accusations of several women, it was the ex-Belgian host’s turn to send a letter to the editorial staff ofCorrespondent to denounce facts dating back to 1989.

France 2 was broadcasting the number ofCorrespondent in which 4 women accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault and rape. Three uncovered testimonies and an anonymous one which are added to the closed complaint filed against the ex-host and ex-minister in 2018 by the granddaughter of François Mitterrand, Pascale Mitterrand.

One more testimony was added to this concert this Thursday. that of the former Belgian host and actress Maureen Dor, now editor and based in France. In a long letter addressed to the editorial staff ofCorrespondent, she relates facts dating back to 1989, in a Brussels hotel. She was 18 at the time and had just started working on television as she explains in her letter. “I read the book Cross roads by Nicolas Hulot, star of the show “Ushuaia”. I loved this book and had the urge to send him a letter telling him so. Not knowing his address, I wrote to “Nicolas Hulot, Ushuaïa program, TF1, Paris, France”. In this letter, I also told him that I was from Brussels and that I would be happy to show him around my city if he ever came there. I also gave him my phone number since we were “TV colleagues.”

A few weeks later, to her surprise, she received a phone call from Nicolas Hulot announcing his arrival in Brussels. An appointment is made at the Hôtel Métropole. She goes there but things do not go as she expected. “So I accompany him and, immediately in the room, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me. I push him away, astonished and frightened, making this naive remark: ‘But you have a wife!’ and him to answer me that it has nothing to do and that I will be a ‘parenthesis’.”


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