With the direction of Cesar Brie, the collaborative group of authors, Patricio Abadi, Mariano Saba and Mauricio Dayub, he prepared El tightrope walker, the play that is presented in July every day at 7.30 pm at the Maipo Theater. This sole proprietorship constitutes a beautiful tour by experiences of the characters more disparate.

The proposal is simple: a man chain the memories of their relatives and it embodies them. The result is a diverse group of uncles, nona, father and many more, throughout an hour and a half, while the viewer gets excited with what he sees and hears. And he is witnessing the big delivery on stage what does he do Dayub: sings, dances, balances, gets emotional and tells those stories in the first person. A real chameleon who becomes the bathing man who retires, the auctioneer or the boy who suffers his first disappointment in love, among other roles.

The viewer returns so much physical effort with laughs, immediate response to the slogans suggested by the character on duty and ends up crowning the work with standing applause, grateful for what he had just enjoyed. And so, with heat, the interpretation rewards, well supported by a great production effort that includes a special mapping made by Milo Lockett and the timing to the second from the lights, lights and sound to support the actor.

This work He has already toured the stages of the whole country and now he returned to the place where he was born, because people keep going to see her, He wants to see. The full room, according the protocols current with a quota of 50% of the capacity on a Tuesday night, this is attested.


An unforgettable experience.

Patricia Daniele

Actor: Mauricio Dayub

Authors; Patricio Abadi, Mariano Saba and Mauricio Dayub

Address: Cesar Brie

Assistant Director: Paolo Sambrini

Costume design and mobile scenery: Gabriella Gerdelics

Scenographic lighting background design: Graciela Galán

Illumination design: Ricardo Sica and Creative Team EE

Song: Pablo Brie

Photography: Marcos López

Illustrations in Mapping: Milo Lockett

Design and operation of lights; Carlos Lagarde

Stage assistance and sound operation: Franco Panel

Sound: Emilio Mundel

Realization of mobile objects: Agustín Enciso, Alfredo Godoy Wilson, Lucía Losada and Mariano Indij

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