Mauricio Leal's hairdresser was seized by the Prosecutor's Office due to domain extinction purposes

The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a possible money laundering in which Mauricio Leal is involved

In the afternoon-night of this Friday, January 14, an elite team of the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office is advancing the seizure of the hairdresser of the late stylist Mauricio Leal, for the purpose of domain extinction, the accusing entity investigates an alleged entry of illicit money to the place.

The investigation that was opened at the same time as that of the double homicide, leads to making this decision for the alleged money laundering and illicit enrichment, activities that would have been carried out through the Mauricio Leal hairdresser and in which movements were identified without a supportive and unjustified.

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The attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, last week, in the middle of a communication with BLU Radio, reported that some of Leal’s assets would enter the domain extinction process.

“We have raided two houses. To a house in La Calera, to a seat of Mr. Mauricio Leal’s hairdressing salon. All this evidentiary material strengthened the lines of investigation into the crime and, recently, on Tuesday, January 4, an inspection was carried out at the residence of Mauricio Leal by several prosecutors who are in charge of the investigation of homicide, money laundering and possible extinction of ownership of some of these assets”, the prosecutor concluded.

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