Mauricio Macri spoke of the intern of Together for Change:

With several opposition leaders strengthened after the legislative elections, Mauricio Macri launched a message to mark the court for 2023 and ensured that Juntos por el Cambio candidates with presidential ambitions must participate in transparent primaries.

He said it when participating in a virtual way in a closed meeting with members of the Fundación Pensar de Córdoba, in which economic and political ideas for the future of the country were discussed. According to reports, the ex-president stated there that “It is good that many priests want to be popes, but know that they are going to have to compete”.

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During the meeting, moderated by the director of the Foundation and a former Buenos Aires official Franco Moccia, a question from a delegate from Santa Fe motivated the founder of PRO to present his idea about the mechanisms that will be used to define candidacies in 2023.

In what many interpreted as a direct message to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, perhaps the opposition leader best positioned to represent the opposition in the upcoming presidential elections, Macri asked “Clear and transparent internal competition rules of the game”.

“The competition cannot generate a level of friction such that afterwards it does not allow us to work together,” he added. And he announced that the dispute over the candidacies will begin in the second half of 2022.

Macri is convinced that his space will return to the Casa Rosada after the presidency of Alberto Fernández and will have political strength to promote substantive reforms.

Macri, on the economy: “There is no more room for gradualism”

For Macri, there is no longer a place for gray on the economic plane: “There must be absolute clarity regarding the path and the measures to be taken; there is no more room for gradualism”.

“We cannot say to those who are below the poverty line that they have to wait decades to get a job, they have to see that the measures we take generate a serious change,” he said.

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In that sense, he asked the PRO teams to begin working on substantive reforms that should be explained to society from now on and executed on the first day of the new government.

And he closed: “We have to explain to society what we are going to do from day zero and show that this time the change is serious”.

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