Mauricio Pochettino expressed his disappointment after PSG's defeat against Manchester City "I'm disappointed" |  UEFA Champions League |  NCZD |  FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

PSG lost a great opportunity to be the only leader in Group A after losing (2-1) to the Manchester City by UEFA Champions League, after winning. The technical director of the Parisian cast, Mauricio Pochettino, regretted that the English club had turned the game around for his team.

“Yes, I am disappointed, because in the first half City played very well and they forced us to go back. They were very offensive. Then in the second half we scored and we were controlling the game well. So they changed and made us two “, stated for ESPN.

In addition, the Argentine coach recognized the superiority of the squad led by Pep Guardiola. “They were better than us in the first half. When you see the number of fouls we committed, and their number, the truth of the first period is told here. There is a real difference between the two teams ”, he pointed.

Despite the defeat, Mauricio Pochettino was proud of his footballers and rescued PSG’s pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League.

“We started the second half better, the team came out more. We were lucky to be in front, to open the scoring. We had to make some changes after the draw. I am very satisfied with all the players, given the circumstances at the start of the season, it is good to qualify ”.

Pochettino rules out signing for Manchester United

Mauricio Pochettino denied his link to United. “I am not the one who generates rumors. Since I was little I have played soccer and as a coach I have been for many years. I know that rumors are sometimes positive, other times negative and, well, all that remains is to manage all those things. We are focused on doing the best for our team ”, mentioned.

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