“There are no right-backs”.

“Short Cast”

“Where is President Galiotte”?

“Unmotivated players”

“Why doesn’t Anderson Barros do interviews”?

“We lacked reinforcements”

“Where is Cicero Souza”?

The list of pretexts for the bad performances of Palmeiras trying to shield Abel Ferreira only grows. The goalless draw with Bahia meant the eighth consecutive game without a win.

Just for the Brazilian championship, there are seven defeats, two draws and a couple of victories in the last 11 commitments, 24% success. When the Portuguese coach’s team faces Internacional on Sunday, it will be 29 days without a win.

The bad phase is very evident. And anyone who sees the team on the field quickly notices that this retrospective is absolutely compatible with the football presented. And it is by looking at the lawn that it is difficult to understand what the Portuguese “strategist” intends to do.

Outside of it his tactic is quite clear: the old “all against us”. So, it goes lining up enemies. He once had a neighbor and now journalists, hitchhiking in an interview with Renato Gaúcho Portaluppi, Saturday, in Fortaleza.

The old diversion of subject so used by old “teachers” who have inhabited Brazilian football for decades. Meanwhile, faithful “abelists” follow creatively lining up excuses.

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