The leader of the Pro League opens the 16th day of the championship this Friday evening. Union Saint-Gilloise welcomes OHL at 8:45 p.m. (14th). The Unionists will once again rely on their offensive efficiency and the success of their striker Deniz Undav.

With 14 goals, Deniz Undav currently occupies the top of the scorers table of Pro League (he shares the first place with the Antwerp Michael Frey). The German striker remains on a tripled in the last outing of the yellows and blues in Ostend. The ‘fox Undav’ is in good shape, he has been since the start of the season, and currently living a real fairy tale.
“To be honest, sometimes I think to myself that you have to pinch yourself to believe what’s going on, for the club and for me. I also can’t say I’m shocked when I see what we’re achieving. because I have confidence in this team and in the quality of our core “, entrusts Deniz Undav. “But it’s true that maybe I never imagined reaching such a level. I don’t pay much attention to the standings, I just try to do every practice and every game playing my game.”.

Reach the 20-goal mark

It has been a recurrence since the start of the season, at each meeting with the press, journalists try to unravel or rather define the secret of Unionist success. “This current first place in the standings, I explain it just by the work. We work hard and we work together, with this group, for almost a year and a half. It is the continuity that pays”, respond Undav.

“You can see that in this core, everyone is happy and fulfilled. Everyone plays for the other. When I lose the ball, the whole team works to recover it and when one of my teammates loses the ball, I also working to try to get it back, for him “.

Symbol of this Saint-Gilles ‘good atmosphere’, the coach’s humor Felice Mazzu. When a journalist points out to Undav that he has 14 goals and asks him what goal he is setting, the coach cuts the question and quipped: “no objective, he will not play the season any more!”. “More seriously, my only goal is to score as many goals as possible. I would like to reach the 20 mark at the end of the season”, raises the attacker.

“My current success really depends on the team. Without my teammates around me, I would not have scored 14 goals. I try to put myself in the best possible position to find the net and when I get a chance , I have to be as efficient as possible. I worked a lot on this aspect. In the preseason, I had two goals: to lose weight and improve my efficiency. Until now, we can say that It works pretty well! Feeling good and happy in the team also allows you to improve. You can play liberated and stress-free “, concludes Deniz Undav.

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