Mayor of Boca Chica calls to promote and vaccinate visitors to Playa
Mayor of Boca Chica calls to promote and vaccinate visitors to Playa

BOCA CHICA – The mayor of the Tourist Municipality of Boca Chica, Fermín Brito Rincón, suggested to the Ministry of Tourism that it open a vaccination campaign in tourist centers.

This, in order to encourage people who attend those places and who are not vaccinated to allow the doses to be applied.

He also called on the Ministry of Public Health to send their supervisors and vaccination personnel to this beach.

With the intention that they attend the businesses and they can ask those who are not vaccinated or those who have not applied the first or second dose to propose to inoculate the missing one.

Mayor Brito Rincón, announced this Wednesday afternoon through a statement to the press that, starting this weekend, he will start a campaign so that visitors to this spa who have not been vaccinated do so through installed equipment at the access points to the beach.

“Each visitor will have to arrive at this beach with their card of having been vaccinated, because otherwise they will not be able to enter the closed places and infect or become infected with the virus of the pandemic,” said the mayor of Boca Chica.

He stated that, in Boca Chica, 70% of the population have been inoculated and that at this moment the center implemented in the city hall is full of people who have responded to the call made by the mayor’s office.

He explained that in the city council vaccination center, about 9 thousand people have been injected with the two doses, while he assured that all the personnel who work in the town hall are inoculated, half of them even with the third vaccine against Covid-19.

He also assured that also in all Boca Chica businesses, mainly those located in the tourist center, the employees and owners are equipped with vaccines against the Coronavirus, informing that through the Risk Management Department of the Mayor’s Office they have been done the supervisions that yield the data.

He reported that operations will begin to request information from visitors and encourage them to get vaccinated and this will be done at the entrances of businesses, while ensuring that anyone who is not vaccinated will not be able to be in closed businesses, but rather in the outskirts spaces will be enabled for those who are not.

He warned that they will be conducting inspections in businesses, especially those on the beach, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic, in order not to violate fundamental rights and in the same way contribute to avoid infections and deaths from COVID-19.

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