Netflix movie is toxic masculinity class

In recent days, a news has shown the danger of coaches, these professionals who have become fashionable in recent years, in a literal way.

That’s because Pablo Marçal, who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, led 32 customers up a mountain in Serra da Mantiqueira and, as the weather was bad, they had to be rescued by the fire department. And this is not a joke.

But even when firefighters don’t need to be called, trusting coaches can be tricky. That’s because there are, for example, male “female empowerment” coaches (help!) and celebrities who become coaches and, with that, get many clients and can charge very dearly, more than any psychoanalyst trained in Lacan in France and 40 years of experience.

This is the case of Mayra Cardi, who once again went viral with one of her advice. It is worth remembering that both Mayra and Marçal call themselves coaches.

A ex-BBB is focused on “well-being” and fitness and, according to rumors, charges R$10,000 for exclusive service. Not only more than a psychoanalyst, but also much more than a super-qualified endocrinologist, the one indicated in cases of weight loss, Mayra’s flagship.

As a coach, in addition to earning a grade, Mayra has already caused revolt, for example, by advertising dangerous fasts for health.

Now, she also causes controversy by giving tips on relationships. A snippet of her participation in a podcast has gone viral in recent days.

“Women meet me and say: ‘I love my husband, but I’m not going back to him because I love myself.’ I tell her: it’s not that you love yourself. We confuse a lot of self-love with pride. Self-love is doing everything that makes us feel good. You just said that you’re suffering, so it’s not self-love. It’s a pride”, he said, with the air of an expert.

Therapy hurts too

Where to start? Well, because change is not easy and that when we separate from someone (even if it’s a guy who hurts us) we suffer. This is also a mourning. To give an even more obvious example: a smoker who decides to give up cigarettes suffers. But do it out of self-love. Being in pain doesn’t mean you’re not doing something good for you. Even going to therapy hurts a lot.

And, no, I am not a coach nor do I intend to be. But I did more than 20 years of psychoanalysis.

Speaking of psychology, in the same program, Mayra also said that “women complain and say that they are not male psychologists. But if you are not, another woman will have to be”. It gets funny. Yes, she suggests that trying to “fix” men is a form of sisterhood with the guy’s future girlfriends.

It would be funny and amusing if it was just a friend or relative giving advice. The problem with most coaches is that they charge. And besides, it’s very different to hear advice from a funny friend than it is from someone who is putting himself in a place of authority, who you can trust, who knows more than you do. As the saying goes, advice isn’t good even when it’s free. What, then, of the advice that is charged, and very expensive?

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