Mayra Mendoza led the meeting for the 72nd anniversary of San Francisco Solano

Likewise, Mayra Mendoza highlighted the advances in health matters that allowed the reunion with neighbors in a massive event. “Yes to more works for the west of the city, yes to all of us can live better. That is our greatest wish and for which we are working with much love and conviction“, Held.


The official was accompanied by the Secretary of Urban Development and Public Works and a candidate for first Councilor for the Frente de Todos (FDT) of Quilmes, This Soler; municipal officials, councilors, school counselors, and candidates for councilors and school counselors of the FDT.

After thanking for the presence of tens of thousands of neighbors during the day, Mayra Mendoza said: “They have a Mayor who goes to work tirelessly so that Solano can get ahead, with works and with projects that we continue to face, because it has great potential. Now we have to recover the economy, recover the salary, that there is more purchasing power, that the families have everything they need to live and be happy ”.

Carla rodriguez, one of the neighbors who joined the celebrations together with her family, expressed her joy at being on the streets again: “Last year we could not have this meeting, so this year the celebration is twofold”.

For its part, Gustavo Taraborrelli, secretary of the Italian Society Fratelli d’Italia de Solano, which was part of the festival with a gastronomic stand, explained: “We are very happy because we see a lot of calls. We always make ourselves present with the typical dishes of our community. After all this hard time of a pandemic, this is the first party to which we return ”.

The solanense party began on Saturday with gastronomic and cultural proposals for the whole family, continued early Sunday with several activities among which the civic parade traditionalista, with schools and institutions, and ended after midnight at pure music with the expected and spectacular closing of Karina “La Princesita”.


The organization of the event was in charge of the Local Celebration Commission, made up of the Solano Volunteer Firefighters, the Rotary Club, the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Lions Club, in coordination with the Municipality of Quilmes.

The festival also featured the participation of Cuta Montegro, Tribute Marco Antonio, Patricia Encina, Sabrina, Bochi Barbona, La Sabrosa and Italian Tenors, among other local bands and artists.

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