mBank has a new internet banking.  It is rather embarrassing

A new product in mBank’s offer is the so-called eCards. These are virtual Visa debits, with which it is possible to pay exclusively via the Internet. It is not possible to use it even through Apple / Google Pay. In addition, they use a separate recharge account, so even if someone misuses them, they won’t be able to suck up all the money.

Creating virtual cards is free, it doesn’t cost anything to keep them. You can request them in the mobile application or internet banking in the section Products Cards | All cards and insurance eCard. The card will be created in a few minutes. According to mBank, it is possible to create several of them and use them for various purposes.

In the event of loss or theft of card data, the fraudster has access only to the amount that is transferred to the virtual card. It cannot access current account data through it. There is no need to have money on the card all the time. If the client does not use it, he can reset it by transferring the money back to the current account. They solve all these tasks conveniently in a mobile application or internet banking,“Says Michal Staněk, product specialist of mBank payment cards.

eCards are generated for a period of five years. It is possible to block them temporarily and permanently and monitor their payment history. The number, validity and CVV2 code are available in the application or on the website, which are then entered into payment gateways in e-shops.

Virtual cards are also offered by Creditas, Curve, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Komerční banka, Revolut or Twisto. In addition to those from KB, they can also be used through Apple / Google Pay in regular terminals. In addition, Revolut and “Spořka” can also generate one-off cards, so they will expire after the first payment and their data can no longer be used. A virtual payment card with Google Pay support has also been offered by mBank for a long time, but it only serves to shorten the wait for the delivery of a plastic card.

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