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MC Melody and Anitta exchanged barbs after the ‘mighty’ interview with Podcats

Funk dancers MC Melody and Anitta exchanged barbs;  know the details!
© Reproduction/Instagram – Assembly Bolavip BrasilFunk dancers MC Melody and Anitta exchanged barbs; know the details!

MC Melody, 14, did not like being mentioned by anitta in an interview from the powerful to “Podcats”. The owner of the hit Girl From Rio praised the teenager, but made fun of a recent statement by the funk girl.

“If she makes an effort to sing well, professionally, without being a joke, I think she’ll do well. But Melody has to have the right strategy. Keep inventing fake news, this crazy stuff, it won’t be taken seriously. In my opinion. But who? is it me? She’s much bigger than me,” said the carioca.

The renowned singer referred to a statement made by the blonde on the Otalab show, with Otaviano Costa. That’s because, at the time, MC Melody made a projection for the future and expressed the desire to be bigger than the 28-year-old diva.

“I think at 17 I won’t need Anitta to manage me. God willing, I’ll be much bigger than her. Not that I don’t like her or want her harm, no way. I think she’s super smart, I’m a lot of her fan, I think she’s very top, but she’s still Brazil and I want the whole world”, argued MC Melody.

Melody rebate

MC Belinho’s daughter countered the powerful one on Instagram: “I never said I’m bigger than you, I said I’ll be bigger than you one day. About inventing fake news, I learned that by watching your releases, friend.”

At 14 years old, São Paulo has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. Already the singer of the single Envolver accumulates nearly 57 million admirers on the social network.

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