Media and Marketing #106: Ricardo Fort, founder of Sport by Fort - 10/11/2021

Is the spraying of sports broadcasts good or bad for the public? How do advertisers get into this? And why are companies not investing more in Olympic athletes and sports?

This week’s Media and Marketing program welcomes Ricardo Fort, a consultant at Sport by Fort. Graduated in Engineering, the executive began his career in marketing at Unilever, in the 1990s —check the interview, in full, in the video above.

In addition to marketing for companies such as Kellog’s, Visa and Danone, Fort worked twice at Coca-Cola. In February of this year, he left the position of global vice president of sponsorship of the soft drink giant to open his own consultancy.

In the interview, Fort talks about the problems sports marketing is going through to develop further in Brazil. The executive reinforces that football clubs, for example, still make mistakes in treating their uniforms as outdoors.

“Football seen as a media harms a large part of the market. The biggest, international brands no longer need a billboard on their clubs’ shirts. Besides, most clubs are not ready to talk about other matters, negotiate other platforms. Brazil is still maturing in the sports market,” he says (as of 14:36).

He recalls that inconsistency in the quality of administration of Brazilian football also hinders the development of new businesses.

“In general, Brazilian football has a very bad image. That’s why the big brands don’t get that close. However, I had very close contact with some managers and I realized that there is also quality. Brazilian football can evolve from that image that he has “poorly prepared top hat”. The clubs that are financially and sportingly well are managed by people of great quality”, he declares (as of 17:23).

Fort also talks about the entry of new players in sports broadcasts.

“We are going through a period of great changes in Brazil. Globo helped to build football in Brazil, through decades of broadcasts, but this fragmentation is inevitable to happen” (as of 27:34).

Regarding investment in Olympic sport, Fort is emphatic in saying that brands are missing out on great opportunities.

“I insist on this a lot. Brands need to invest in Olympic sport, not only to reinforce the company’s social role, but also for simple things. Olympic athletes are the best employees you can hire for your company. They are prepared to work in team, they know how to work under pressure and have good behavior,” he says. (as of 22:35).

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