Medications are delivered to hospitals in Santo Domingo and San Cristóbal

The donations delivered are managed by the hospital foundation “El Buen Samaritano” directed by Moisés Sifrén

The coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, delivered over the weekend a donation of 20 million pesos in high-cost drugs and medical supplies to hospitals in Santo Domingo and San Cristóbal managed through the hospital foundation “El Buen Samaritan”.

Among the hospitals that received the donation are the Salvador B. Gautier Hospital, the Santo Socorro Maternal and Child Hospital and the Dr. Jacinto Ignacio Mañón Municipal Hospital in Santo Domingo province.

While, in San Cristóbal, the centers that received the friendly hand of the Government of President Luis Abinader, through the Social Policy Cabinet and the “El Buen Samaritano” hospital-foundation were the Juan Pablo Pina Regional Hospital, which was made a donation of this type for the second time, and the Rafael Gallardo First Level Care Center in the municipality of Cambita.

The authorities of the centers that received the medicines donated by the institution directed by Tony Peña, highlighted the importance of having this type of help, since these centers receive hundreds of people in a condition of social vulnerability who cannot go to centers on a daily basis. private companies or pay for the medicines they need.

During the deliveries, Tony Peña reiterated the commitment of the Dominican Government and the Social Policy Cabinet to work “For the people”, leading the Government’s friendly hand.

“In just over a year of management, we have delivered more than 1,600 million pesos in high-cost drugs and medical supplies to clinics and hospitals throughout the national territory, and we will continue to do so, whenever necessary,” emphasized Peña.

On his side, the health director of the Social Policy Cabinet, Dr. Guillermo Moringlane, explained that among the medicines donated to medical centers are medicines to treat older adults, pregnant women, people with hypertension problems, diabetes, problems heart disease and other diseases, ailments and conditions common in the Dominican population.

He also said that the staff of the centers also received protective equipment, as well as daily use in their work and expendable material for optimal operation of health facilities.

The Social Policy Cabinet, together with the “El Buen Samaritano” hospital foundation, has completed donations of medicines and medical supplies in the 32 provinces of the country.

In addition, the institution continues to implement other social assistance programs throughout the national territory such as the change of dirt floors for cement, the reconstruction of houses, the “Opportunity 14-24” program and the most recent initiative to eliminate latrines by replacing them with dignified bathrooms, which was also recently joined by the support of the National Institute of Potable Waters and Sewers (INAPA) with the signing of an inter-institutional agreement between both entities.

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