meet Vladmir Brichta's daughter in the soap opera and real life

In Quem Mais Vida, Melhor, a new soap opera of the seven that opens this Monday (22) on Globo, Vladmir Brichta plays Neném. The character has a daughter, who will be played by Agnes Brichta – the actor’s daughter also in real life. Know the story.

Who is Agnes Brichta?

Agnes is the daughter of Vladmir and Gena Karla Ribeiro, who died in 1999. The young woman’s mother was a carrier of porphyria – this is a group of rare diseases caused by a failure in the production of hemoglobin enzymes, responsible for the transport of oxygen, according to with information from Dr. Arthur Frazão for the Tua Saúde portal.

After Gena’s death, Agnes’ maternal grandmother took her on vacation in Aracaju, and when Vladmir went to fetch the girl, her ex-mother-in-law prevented him from taking her. Agnes’ mother had an injunction that gave her provisional custody of the child under the justification that the actor was unable to raise her.

Vladmir was unable to see the girl for over a year, and he went to court to get his guard back. The process took 5 years and the actor needed to prove that he could create Agnes. He ended up with the girl’s ultimate custody.

Agnes Brichta is currently 24 years old and will make her TV debut alongside her father. The young woman accumulates passages in plays, musicals and presentations. She is a theater and singing student and should graduate this year at the Casa de Artes de Laranjeiras, according to PurePeople.

Tina (Agnes Brichta), Baby (Vladimir Brichta) and Bianca (Sara Vidal) – Photo: Reproduction/Globe

Father and Daughter in The More Life the Better

In Mauro Wilson’s plot, she plays Tina, daughter of Neném. The football player has another daughter, Bianca, played by actress Sara Vidal. “It is very pleasant and very difficult, as I need to see a co-worker there and not a daughter, if I can’t disturb her and I can also disturb myself”, said Vladmir in an interview with Gshow. “On set, on sets, she’s a colleague, I don’t treat her differently. Anyone looking from a distance might think, ‘He’s kind of cold as a father.’”

In Quem Mais Vida Melhor, Vladmir Brichta is Neném, a football player who has played for Flamengo, the Brazilian team and European teams.

The athlete’s career is interrupted due to a knee injury and his bohemian routine. When trying to return to the pitch, he will need to travel to audition to be part of the Ponte Preta team. Neném, along with the other three protagonists, will suffer a plane crash, but will gain the chance to come back to life with one condition: one of them will die for real within a year.

Throughout the plot, Neném will be involved with Paula, a character by Giovanna Antonelli.

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