Mehdi Bayat is surprised at referral to criminal court: "Surprised that my name is there"


Mehdi Bayat is one of 57 people who want to be brought before the criminal court by the federal prosecutor. That news came out on Friday and was a surprise to Bayat himself. That stated the strong man of Sporting Charleroi on Friday evening in the ‘John Late Show’ on news channel LN24.

Michiel VerheirstraetenSource: BELGIAN

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“It’s a surprise because my name has never been released since the fraud investigation started,” Bayat said. “It is a good thing that the public prosecutor’s office is positioning itself. This way everyone can see what is in the file and which charges have been filed against which people.”

“I am amazed that my name is there. In just over three years my name was never mentioned. The only time we received a visit from the researchers was as part of a few transfers. We immediately communicated clearly at that time. There was no sequel after that. We have heard nothing more about the case since then. So this is a surprise. At this stage of the investigation, the presumption of innocence must be maintained, but this is of course not pleasant.”

The file must now be sent to the indictment chamber for the purpose of checking the special investigative methods, after which the council chamber will have to consider the referral of the various suspects. Both the defense and any civil parties can still request that an additional investigation be carried out before the chambers of the court.

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