Mehdi Bayat is surprised to be quoted in the Footgate file: "Never did my name come out"

The list is long and includes important names in Belgian football: the president of Club Brugge Bart Verhaeghe, the manager of Blauw & Zwart Vincent Mannaert, the manager of La Gantoise Michel Louwagie, the president of Standard Bruno Venanzi, but also Mehdi Bayat, the Managing Director of Charleroi.

Invited on LN24, the Franco-Iranian was questioned on the Footgate file. Quoted, alongside big names in football, the managing director of Sporting de Charleroi explained that he was technically not yet charged. This indictment process carried out by the prosecution requires that the 57 people cited have the possibility of being charged. It is only later that we will know who will have to go to court.

“But I want to say, so much the better. The prosecution must position itself to allow everyone to see what they are accused of in the file”, explains Mehdi Bayat. Surprised by this announcement, the Franco-Iranian is surprised to hear his name mentioned. “Since the start of this affair, my name had never been released. The only time we received a visit from inspectors in the context of certain transfers, we communicated ourselves immediately, without hiding anything. “

He also insists on his role in the Belgian federation. “The footgate, which started 3 years ago, was able to put in place different things. Under my leadership in particular, at the federation, many things have been put in place to avoid certain abuses.”

He also insists on the fact that much importance is attached to the declarations of the first pentiti of Belgian justice. “What is important is that the words of the repentant Veljkovic are well verified. Otherwise it would be dangerous. As for the methods used at the time by Mr. Veljkovic, they can no longer work now. We need more transparency.”

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