Horacio Pietragalla Mendoza

The Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, Horacio Pietragalla, was escrachado on Wednesday October 13 during his visit to San Rafael, Mendoza, on the occasion of the act for the anniversary of the death of a young man from the province of Buenos Aires.

Said tribute took place at the police station where Sebastián Bordón (19) he was a victim of the police 24 years ago. In his memory, a plaque was installed on the shoulder of the route where the body of the Buenos Aires man was found.

It was during that tribute that the Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, while walking through the crowd, he began to be the subject of yelling and boos. A group of neighbors approached the official and, in unison, intoned: “Let him go”.

Miguel Sánchez, commissioner of the area, explained that the residents of the town El Nihuil and Pietragalla took place “A series of inconveniences, insults and mistreatment that, thank God, did not reach adults. He had nothing to regret.”

The commemorative event was also attended by Sebastián’s mother, Miriam Medina, along with her colleagues from the Association “Mothers in Struggle”, which groups together women whose sons and daughters were victims of institutional violence, and Damián Bordón, the young man’s brother.

Once the tension scenario ended, Pietragalla explained: “The policy of signs that we are carrying out throughout the country is not just a poster, from the Secretariat we are assisting the families of the victims as nunca”.

Horacio Pietragalla with Miriam Medina, Damián Bordón and members of the association “Mothers in Struggle”.

Horacio Pietragalla, ironic in Formosa: “Do you think I’m dressed up like this for carnival?”

“We are participating in the complaints, promoting the law against institutional violence. We want to generate a before and after, but all this is due to the Mothers in Struggle, who with their example showed us the way“, he concluded.

The corpse of Bordón He was found on October 12, 1997 in a canyon, two kilometers from the El Nihuil police station, after ten intense days of searching. During that day, the boy was on a graduate trip, he was turning 19 years old.

For the murder and cover-up of the murder of the young student Judge Waldo Yacante prosecuted seven policemen and two civilians in November 1997. At that time, the crime had put Governor Arturo Lafalla in check.

It also caused the fall of the provincial government secretary and the entire leadership of the Mendoza police. Police arrested and killed Bordón and the case tried to hide. After the crime was committed, the body was thrown into a ravine and alibis were invented.


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