‘Mental health shaken’, says Lexa in new outburst after controversy

		'Mental health shaken', says Lexa in new outburst after controversy
Photo: Instagram

Singer Lexa returned to reflect on social networks after the controversy involving her husband, singer MC Guimê, and the accusation of harassment within Big Brother Brasil 2023.

In an outburst made on Instagram, the funk artist confessed that her mental health was shaken after the latest events. The artist, who said she would move away from the web, continues to move the profiles and share the backstage of life.

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In the text, Lexa says that she has never been involved in any major controversy over her 10-year career in music, and that she would not let it get in the way of her work.

“I’m sorry for all this exposure. In 10 years of career I’ve never been a controversial artist. Sometimes despair does that to us, my mental health is shaken. I just can’t let people guide my steps and decide my life for me . Move forward and let’s work. It’s not about anyone, it’s about me.”

The singer chartered a jet to be with MC Guimê after the expulsion of the artist from Big Brother Brasil. The singer claimed that his wife still hasn’t forgiven him for the harassment episode against Dania Mendez on the BBB, which is being investigated by the Police.


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