Merkel message to CDU and CSU: Win the undecided

Chancellor Merkel called on the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) to make a last-ditch effort, shortly before Sunday’s federal election.

“In less than 50 hours, the polls will be closed. But there are many people who always make the decision at the last minute. “Therefore, we are all called together again to use these hours to win the elections,” Merkel said today at the last official joint pre-election meeting of the CDU and CSU in Munich.

Merkel recalled German reunification by linking it to elections. “Even then it was clear that it does not matter who rules,” he said.

“The later chancellor of the Social Democratic Party SPD, Gerhard Schroeder, once said about the euro that it is a premature birth. The then finance minister, Theo Weigel, and Chancellor Helmut Kohl, however, were in favor of introducing the euro. “This was right with all the problems we had to keep Europe united,” said Chancellor Merkel.

Solts Confident of victory

Social Democrat (SPD) candidate Chancellor Olaf Soltz is confident of his party’s victory in Sunday’s federal election.

“I am convinced that we will succeed in the elections. All the polls reflected what I also felt in the rallies: that there is a large current to the SPD. “I am convinced that the people will give me the mandate to form the next government,” he told Bild.

Solz is not intimidated by polls showing that the SPD’s lead over the Christian Democrats and the Christian Socialists (CDU / CSU) is declining: the SPD is continuous. That is why I am very sure about Sunday “.

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