Meryl Streep's brilliant improv in the Don't Look Up Oval Office

Netflix has uploaded a video of the shoot, in which we see the actress having fun saying anything on the phone. Great art.

Meryl Streep breaks out like rarely in Cosmic Denial, on Netflix. The star at the multiple Oscars shows a comic sense that he did not know much about. And more, the actress outright improvised sequences of Don’t Look Up. What Netflix is ​​celebrating today with a brand new behind-the-scenes video.

A little making of that reveals Meryl Streep have fun like crazy with her “trumpesque” character. In the featurette, director Adam McKay reveals that while filming the Oval Office scene, when the President finally receives the two scientists played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, Streep improvised various telephone conversations. In fact, she even improvised a new phone chat with each take!

“It was a kind of improvisation tour de force that I had never seen before” says Adam McKay, “Because I am not exaggerating! She must have made 20-25 completely different absurd phone calls while filming the scene … “

Or about twenty improvisations on the set, live, in front of the cameras, with more or less ridiculous or incensed lines, like: “You know my son is older than youi “or suggesting that she has just learned of having contracted an STD … A scene that immediately sets the mood Don’t Look Up and which shows the madness of the presidential character played here by Meryl Streep.

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