Messmer hypnotized La DH: "From the age of 12, you can use self-hypnosis to get better results at school”

Twenty readers of our newspaper were able to experience a hypnosis session with the Canadian fascinator. And asked him all their questions before his show Hypersensoriel which will soon arrive in Belgium. “I did all these shows to make myself known in order to one day open a school and launch self-hypnosis seminars”, says Messmer. “Spirit medicine is as powerful as traditional medicine; so if, in addition, we manage to combine them, it’s even better!”

“10 to 15% of people are quickly under hypnosis”, confesses Messmer straight away when he enters the premises of our newspaper on December 2 last. 20 readers had been selected to participate in a hypnosis session with the Canadian fascinator, in our premises (see our video on where masks, gel and social distancing were obviously required during this performance giving a taste of his show which will soon arrive in Belgium (info on

It was therefore our 20 readers who led the debates with the famous hypnotist. His show Hypersensoriel is very close to medicine judge Messmer. “I remember a patient with whom I went to the dentist. She had all four wisdom teeth to be pulled out but she was allergic to the product to anesthetize her gums. So she couldn’t take that. So I went there with her, under hypnosis. The dentist was able to pull out all four of her teeth in the same day and she imagined herself at the beach and felt great. She was able to have this operation easily.

Can it also work in the long term?

“Yes, in general. It can take several sessions, on the other hand, to succeed in implanting this idea in the subconscious. (…)

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