Meta intends for its three major platforms to use end-to-end encryption sometime in 2023. (Photo: Broadcast)

Meta ensures that it is working to provide end-to-end encryption to the platforms Facebook Messenger e Instagram, but it will not implement this protection until 2023, with the aim of combining the right to privacy of users with police investigations.

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The tech company wants you end-to-end encryption is the protection that your messaging applications have by default, but for the moment only WhatsApp offers it. This technology makes only the sender and receiver can know the content of a conversation.

The Director of Security, Antigone Davis, has indicated in a column published in The Telegraph that from Meta they are taking their time and that the complete worldwide deployment of end-to-end encryption in all their messaging platforms it will be completed “sometime” in 2023.

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“We are determined to protect people’s private communications and keep them safe online.”, Davis has assured. To do this, and while finishing the deployment, they have adopted a three-point approach: prevent damage before it happens, give people more control, and respond quickly if something happens.

In the former case, the company relies on proactive detection to identify suspicious activity patterns that may cause harm and take action before that happens. It is technology that they already have implemented, and that are reinforced especially for users under 18 years of age.

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For this group, they have established by default the accounts as private or that they can only contact friends, also restricting that adults who are part of their contacts can write to them. They also show them tips on how to avoid unwanted interactions.

Second, Davis has highlighted the tools that have made it easy for users to decide who they talk to, and to conclude with your three-pillar approach, you have mentioned the options you have to report inappropriate messages.

However, the deployment of end-to-end encryption is at the center of the debate between user privacy and collaboration with police investigations, as in cases of child abuse.

“As we implement end-to-end encryption, we will use a combination of unencrypted data in our applications, account information, and user reports to keep them secure in a way that protects privacy while assisting in public safety efforts.”, has expressed the directive.

Meta intends for its three major platforms to use end-to-end encryption sometime in 2023. (Photo: Broadcast)

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