Mexican team vs El Salvador: Raúl Jiménez scores again and despite 'rain' of bottles, the 'Tri' wins

The Savior.- The Mexican team He entered the Cuscatlán Stadium to face the National Team of The Savior and even though there was’rain’ of bottles and Nestor Araujo was expelled, the ‘Tri’ won by a score of 2-0, in a match where Raul Jimenez he scored again with the green team.

The ‘Tri’ began with the injury of Alexis vega at minute 16 ‘. After the ball was released, Vega fell to the ground and suffered an injury, due to a sprained left ankle, so Jesús ‘Tecatito’ Corona entered his place.

Still in the first half, fans from El Salvador threw plastic bottles onto the field, because the footballer Alexander Larín faced Julio César ‘Cata’ Domínguez and When the player of the Mexican National Team was going to take the throw-in, the “rain” of bottles began.

The first goal of the Mexican National Team came at minute 30 ‘, when in a corner kick, charged by’ Tecatito ‘Corona, I arrive Hector Moreno with a header to score 1-0.

As data, Hector Moreno He has scored three times against El Salvador in Cuscatlán, in the years 2012, 2016 and now.

Raúl Jiménez scores again with the Mexican National Team

For the start of the second half, Mario Jacobo of El Salvador was expelled, after a foul on Rogelio Funes Mori on the edge of the area, although the ‘Tri’ footballers asked for a penalty.

Also, at minute 65 ‘there was a controversial play. ‘Chucky’ Lozano leaked ball to Raul Jimenez, who cut in the area and a contact from Eduardo Vigil appeared, but the whistler did not score a penalty.

The ‘Tri’ he also stayed with ten players, since Nestor Araujo He was expelled after a slap at Larin.

At minute 90 ‘, Raúl Jiménez drove in the area and Acosta swept to knock him down, for which a penalty was scored, scored by’ Lobo Mexicano ‘at minute 92’, defeating the goalkeeper Mario Martinez.

With the victory of the Mexican National Team, the ‘Tri’ added seven points in the October matches, after a 1-1 draw against the Canada selection and the 3-0 victory over Honduras national team, to reach 14 units.

In November, the Mexican National Team will resume the tie to Qatar 2022 and will face USA (Friday, November 12) now Canada (Tuesday, November 16), both away games.

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