Mexico and Cuba will convene a summit of progressive Latin American countries: Ebrard

Ebrard announced that countries such as Argentina and Brazil would participate, the other two economic powers in the region in addition to Mexico, as well as Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, among other possibilities.

Mexico City, February 11 (However).– The Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard announced this Saturday that Mexico and Cuba will convene asummit of progressive countries” of Latin Americaafter the bilateral meeting between the presidents of both countries, to outline a common agenda, although the dates and details are yet to be defined.

“It would still be too early to say when it will be, but progressive countries in Latin America are: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras… I still do not have the complete list, but the idea is: many years ago there was no coincidence between countries with advanced social positions as it is now,” Ebrard said in an interview with the media from Campeche.

“Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, it had almost never been that the three were on the same line, we are the three largest economies in America, plus the other countries, why don’t we make a common agenda? Of specific things, we don’t want political statements,” he added, before correcting himself. “Well, if you want, that’s fine.”

On that agenda, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) tentatively stated, is how to fight inflation: “Countries produce different things, we can help each other.” In addition, the Latin American Agency for Sanitary Regulation could be promoted “so as not to continue with difficulties in buying medicines together,” he explained.

“Things of this type, but it was barely outlined as a possibility, I will notify you of the details later,” concluded Ebrard Casaubón.

Earlier this Saturday, during the visit of Miguel Díaz-Canel, the Cuban President, to Mexican territory, Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized the work of the Caribbean country in terms of health, especially during the administration of Fidel Castro, whom he called ” a visionary”. He also reiterated his support for leading a fight with other countries for the elimination of the commercial blockade maintained by the United States.

“Analyzing this case (health sector in Mexico), I commented to Díaz-Canel on how much vision Commander Fidel Castro had, while the neoliberals were preventing the training of doctors, in Cuba they were promoting the training of doctors and the consolidation of one of the best health systems in the world. That is not what only a statesman does, that is what a man of the Nation does, a visionary, a giant to whom we pay tribute for this great work that you have continued. The conservatives of Mexico and the world can say what they want, but they will never be able to counteract the teaching, the example of solidarity and fraternity that a revolutionary movement and its leaders have left Cuba,” said the President in his speech from Campeche.

He insisted on the issue of the “inhumane” bloc towards Cuba and promised to lead a movement with other countries to lift it.

“For this reason, our respect, gratitude and support, and we will continue to demand that the blockade against Cuba be eliminated, which is inhumane, and not only when it comes to voting at the UN, because you always win, most countries are because the lock is removed, but the assembly passes and returns to the same thing. I offer the President of Cuba that Mexico is going to lead a more active movement so that all the countries unite and defend the independence and sovereignty of Cuba; and nothing to treat them as a terrorist country or put them on the black list of alleged terrorists, they are the people and a government that is profoundly humane. Long live the dignified people of Cuba!

The President had already spoken out for lifting the blockade on Cuba in his speech granting the Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle in necklace grade.

The presidents of Mexico and Cuba. Photo: Government of Mexico.

“As a sign of good will, that we are willing to unite, from all the countries of America, I consider, and I express it with respect, that the Government of the United States must lift the unfair and inhuman blockade of the people as soon as possible. of Cuba”, said the President hours before in the archaeological zone of edzná.

He also highlighted the fight for the sovereignty of Cuba: “I maintain that it is time for a new coexistence between all the countries of America because that model imposed more than two centuries ago is completely exhausted, it is anachronistic, it has no future or way out, it no longer benefits anyone.

“We must put aside the dilemma that was imposed between joining the United States or opposing us in a courageous or defensive manner. It is time to express or explore another option; It is possible to dialogue with the rulers, especially with the US rulers, and to convince and persuade them of a new relationship between the countries of our entire continent of America,” López Obrador added.

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