Mexico City: Anti-vaccines demonstrate in front of the National Palace VIDEO

Mexico City.- A group of anti-vaccine people demonstrated in front of National Palace to express their disagreement with the vaccination campaigns against COVID and the use of face masks.

According to the agency The universal, a member of the group named “Mexicans for the Truth”, assured that the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He only has a flu because he assured that he recovered using Vick Vaporub and taking paracetamol.

“Yesterday a video of the President of the Republic came out saying that the omicron was not that serious and he was cured with paracetamol and also with Vick VapoRub, and with lemon and honey. Excuse the expression, maybe it’s not from a doctor, but it’s a fucking farting flu that the President has, “he said.

Anti-vaccines in Mexico City ask for website modification

The protesters demanded that the federal government be highlighted on the website of the Health Secretary that the use of face masks and the vaccine are not mandatory.

“It is a global genocide, it is a violation of human rights, they are forcing you to get vaccinated, to have a vaccination certificate, to put on a muzzle,” they demanded.

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Likewise, one of the protesters expressed that because they do not want to wear a mask, or as they call it, a muzzle, they cannot enter restaurants, banks, supermarkets and other establishments.

“They want to subjugate us, they are destroying our brains. Let’s not put on the muzzle, let’s not let our rights be trampled on, even when we want to enter a store and they won’t let us buy because I didn’t put on the damn gel, I didn’t let me take my temperature or the idiot bank policeman didn’t let me in because I didn’t put on the muzzle. That is total discrimination.”

Leonardo Schwebel, TV host in Jalisco, criticizes anti-vaccines

The driver from Jalisco, Leonardo Shwebel, required anti-vaccine people to wear face masks.

People who have decided not to receive the COVID vaccine, They also do not respect the use of face masks, which could cause more cases of coronavirus.

“You damn anti-vaccines, you ball of idiots, stop scrubbing and at least put on your damn mask … Stop scrubbing the world. Yeah, you anti-vaccines, you’re an asshole. Put on your mask, ”the driver yelled.


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