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Lima, January 14, 2022Updated on 01/14/2022 09:36 pm

What started as a technical problem quickly became an emotional setback for a woman, who went from believing that her cell phone was not working to discovering the sad truth: the device was working fine but it was her children who were not calling her.

The sad case occurred in a commercial gallery in Mexico and it was recorded by the camera of the technical room where the lady went to repair her phone.

The newspaper The Millenium published the video in which you can see when the woman arrives at the store and hands the cell phone to one of the employees. “My children haven’t answered me for more than a year, and I say: ‘What’s going on?’ Well, the cell phone is the one that doesn’t work. How can my children not talk to me?, she is heard saying Aurora Hernandez.

The seller, realizing that the client did not understand much about technology, first tried to swindle her and asked her for a large sum of money to fix it. Unable to afford it, she decided to retire. Fortunately, another boy who was in a neighboring place heard her and asked for her cell phone. “I went with that boy and he charged me a lot of money. I don’t have that money, what I want is to talk to my children”, She told him distressed by the situation.

Realizing there was no problem with the phone, the clerk told her he would fix it for free. When the lady of the place left, the young man decided to contact his relatives to notify him of the situation. “Hello, nice to meet you. Is Aurora Hernandez your mother? I work in the Plaza de la Tecnología. He brought me a cell phone to fix because it doesn’t work. All he wants is to talk to you. I don’t know if I can achieve that miracle. I give you my data and everything in case you want to come and see it”, the seller told one of the woman’s children.

Days later, the lady returned with one of her sons who finally decided to communicate with her. “Calls were not coming in”, the employee told him to hide the sad reality. “How much do I owe you?”Aurora asked as she thanked him. “You don’t owe me anything” the clerk replied. In the end, Aurora decided to buy her something from the store as a way of thanking her.

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