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Lima, September 14, 2021Updated on 09/14/2021 09:57 pm

A group of almost 40 people, most of them foreigners, who were staying at a hotel in the state of San Luis Potosí, in the north-central part of Mexico, was found Tuesday after authorities reported that he had been kidnapped hours earlier by armed men.

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Aboard three vans, the kidnappers arrived at the Sol y Luna hotel, located in the Matehuala municipality, and took 16 Mexicans and 22 foreigners, mostly from Haiti and Cuba, although there could also be Venezuelans, the San Luis Potosí prosecutor reported. , Federico Garza.

According to the first investigations, the police found the identifications of some people inside the rooms. The kidnappers took the guest registration log, so it was not known exactly how many people had been deprived of their liberty.

Later, Garza commented that the police located a group of 16 Mexicans who were asking for help outside a store, thanks to an anonymous call he received. The group assured that it was kidnapped by an armed commando and that another, of foreign origin, had also been taken away.

The prosecutor added that the foreigners were rescued in a deserted place and will be transferred to the capital of Potosí to receive psychological, medical and food support. Among them were three minors and a pregnant woman.

Mexico is a transit point for thousands of migrants seeking to reach the United States to improve their living conditions. Among them are Venezuelans and Haitians, as well as Central Americans, who not only suffer the harshness of the long journey but are also victims of organized crime.

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