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Activists mexican They demonstrated this Thursday at the Santa Fe International Bridge, in Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, to remember the victims of violence and demand justice from the authorities for the femicides that have hit the town, on the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

From an early hour, dozens of women gathered in this place. The protesters placed purple candles and nailed the names of some of the disappeared to a wooden cross.

The attendees, dressed in black, pink and purple clothes as a sign of union in the same cry, showed banners in which you could read phrases such as “We are the cry of those who no longer have” and “We demand to designate sufficient budgets with a gender perspective to reduce inequality gaps ”.

María Elena Ramos, one of the activists, told Efe that the demonstration is to demand that the authorities solve the murders and disappearances of women. “And that they put the conditions to end the violence, we ask that it end,” he emphasized.

He added that not enough resources have been allocated for government entities to carry out investigations in cases of homicides or disappearances of women.

Susana Montes, another of the participants of the event, and mother of Guadalupe Pérez Montes, a young victim of femicide, said that her daughter disappeared on January 31, 2011.

“Some time later I found her as I did not want: I found her remains. We are here demanding justice from the authorities, ”he said.

Femicides in Ciudad Juárez have received international attention, due to the degrees of violence and the indications of the lack of response from the three levels of government to prevent these events from continuing and lead the perpetrators to pay for the crimes.

Mexico is facing a crisis of sexist violence with the murder of more than 10 women a day, according to UN Women and civil organizations, either for intentional homicides or femicides, the crime of killing a woman for gender reasons.

According to the most recent official data, between January and September 2021 there were a total of 762 murders of women classified as femicides.

Only last August there were 108 cases, the highest number recorded during the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Violence against women and girls is a serious violation of human rights and the right of women to live without violence is enshrined in international agreements. Worldwide, only 40% of women seek help after suffering violence, forcing institutions to promote prevention and aid policies.

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