Mexico will donate 6 million dollars to Syria; 4 people are already rescued alive in Turkey: Sedena

The death toll from the earthquakes registered last week in southern Turkey, near the border with Syria, has risen to more than 36,200, according to the latest official balances, which put the death toll at more than 31,600. number of deaths on Turkish territory.

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Mexico City, February 13 (However).- Marcelo Ebrard Casaubonhead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), reported this Monday morning that Mexico will donate six million dollars to help Syriaafter the devastating earthquake who has left more than four thousand 500 deaths.

From the National Palace, he recalled that the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gave the instruction to establish contact with the United Nations Organization (UN) to see how to support Syria.

“The President has instructed us that with regard to support for Syriacontact was established with the United Nations Organization, which was done and the President has ordered that Mexico make one six million dollar donationwhich will be deposited as soon as they give us the bank account”, said the Chancellor.

During the morning press conference, he explained that the deposit depends on a United Nations office in charge of humanitarian affairs, since his team has been in the emergency zone for several days.

According to the UN figures, cited by the official, it is already considered that the earthquake that occurred in Syria and Turkey “is the most serious in memory in the last century”, since there are already “a little more than 35 1,000 dead and 85,000 injured, of which 31,643 are in Turkey and 4,300 are in Syria.”

“These figures that I have just given you are confirmed by the UN to give us an idea of ​​the impacts on Turkey and Syria. Then we will make that deposit tomorrow as it has been arranged, ”he announced.

On the other hand, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, head of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), presented a video with the most recent report on the activities of the Mexican delegation that provides humanitarian aid in Turkey.

In the material, General José Luis Cruz Piñón summarizes the results obtained in the last day: “one person rescued alive, 14 bodies of deceased persons recovered, 23 medical consultations, 14 cubic meters of rubble removed.”

Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, head of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), spoke about the work carried out by the Mexican humanitarian aid delegation in Turkey. Photo: Screenshot

With the above, there is “a total to date of four live people rescued, 29 corpses of deceased people, 72 medical consultations, 41 cubic meters of rubble and three tons of various material received in a collection center.”

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