“MH 370” on Netflix: 3 theories about the missing plane

Theory 2: MH370 was hijacked by Russia

How did it go? After MH370 leaves Malaysian airspace, one of the three Russians on board (while another distracts the crew) goes into the avionics room, the “nerve center of an airplane” from which one can both shut off all contact with the outside world and can edit the route – the one later discovered by the Inmarsat – so that the plane practically moves by itself. Meanwhile, the oxygen supply to the MH370 is cut off, causing all passengers and crew to lose consciousness. Only the Russian agents with the oxygen masks are still breathing. They manipulated the route to make it appear as if they were flying south, when in fact they were flying north towards Kazakhstan.

What speaks for the theory? There were three Russians on board flight MH370. At the time, Russia was making world headlines with its invasion of the Ukrainian island of Crimea. A message that keeps the world in suspense and thus distracts from its atrocities came at the right time for the largest country in the world. The country where MH370 may have landed, namely Kazakhstan, is very close to its neighbor Russia.

What speaks against the theory? The theory assumes that the hijackers knew in advance that Inmarsat would reconstruct the route. However, they couldn’t because Inmarsat had never done it before. That being said, the same group later found that the plane was heading south, not north. Also, you cannot move an aircraft out of the avionics room.

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