Michael Caine is 90: Happy Birthday to the acting legend

“New Life” by his grandchildren

With her, the man with the distinctive Cockney accent has his daughter Natasha (50), who in turn has three children. These three grandchildren are also the reason that grandfather gave up alcohol. In an interview with Candis magazine, he said: “I’ve decided to live a little longer, I’ve stopped drinking and I’ve found a new perspective on life.” He thought he wouldn’t have any more grandchildren – “and suddenly I have three”.

His grandchildren are his fountain of youth and have “breathed new life into him”. He is “completely obsessed” with them, as is his wife. After his two Oscar awards and the knighthood, he thought “it couldn’t get any better”. “But then I got my grandkids, that’s better than anything.” In addition to his legendary Hollywood career, his “biggest achievement” is being a father.

Caine has an older daughter named Dominique (67). This comes from his first marriage to the actress Patricia Haines (1932-1977), to whom he was married from 1955 to 1962.

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