Michael Douglas loves superhero cinema

Superhero movies are good for the cinema

Douglas sprinkled roses on his film partner Michelle Pfeiffer, with whom he first appeared in front of the camera for the “Ant-Man” series. “She’s a great actress but also a great action figure,” said the 78-year-old. The character embodied by Pfeiffer was lost in subatomic space for 30 years before she was able to hug her husband Pym again in “Ant-Man and the Wasp”. In the third part, the reunited couple is hardly granted togetherness: “I was hoping to have more time as a married couple in this film before the action begins,” Douglas smiled.

Douglas sees it as a blessing that superheroes have been dominating screen events for a long time. In addition to horror productions, these are currently the “only successful films in cinemas, they keep the cinema business afloat”. Streaming brought a lot of change. “We have to keep clinging to superheroes, they keep our cinemas open.”

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