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The player uses a different method to meet the coach’s expectations and evolve even more at Santos


Vinícius Zanocelo arrived at Santos last season with promise status and at just 20 years old, the midfielder became one of Fábio Carille’s trusted men, in fact winning the title in the team during the Brazilian Championship. The athlete takes the issue of results very seriously and always thinking about improving his skills, he hired a performance analyst to monitor him closely.

The company that does individual tactics analysis for players, coaches and clubs is OutlierFC. In an interview with GE, the head of the analysis department, Ítalo Resende, talked about how the whole process is done, according to him there is a standard to evaluate all the content to arrive at a result: “The ideal is to have the exchange between the that the player shows difficulty in what is asked by the coach and what we understand as a pattern.”

The specialist continued saying that everything they analyze is essential for athletes: “We have some individual behaviors that are by position and general, for all players. And there’s the other side of the coin, understanding how these principles will serve the idea of coach game.” — In the case of Zanocelo, before and after Santos’ matches, the tactical analysis company works to show the player what he can do to improve and meet Carille’s expectations.

In 2021, the midfielder played 26 games, and for him, the absolute ownership is given by individual work and the results appear in every game, Zanocelo strongly believes in the importance of evolution: “There are several variants during the match and with this work in together things become much clearer. I strongly believe in the importance of always looking for evolution in the things we do, to deliver more and more our work with quality.”

The player also stated that there are no conflicts between him, the company and Santos, that he manages to reconcile everything for the greater good: “We talked about the previous game too, about what I did good and can keep and what I can improve for the next matches. This is always according to the way our team plays, too. It is important to say that there is no conflict between my work with Santos and Outlier.”

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