300 thousand violating migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan received the right to return to Russia

300 thousand violating migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan received the right to return to Russia

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Patriotic sites are in a panic – 300 thousand “ethnic bandits” from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are coming to us. Like, save yourself, get up, Russian people! “The hero of the occasion”, figuratively speaking, casually tossed his cigarette butt into a dry haystack – Chairman of the Federation of Migrants of Russia Vadim Kozhenov… On a YouTube channel, he addressed migrants with good (for them) news.

“Through difficult and long negotiations, it was possible to reach an agreement, and 150 thousand citizens of Tajikistan and 150 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan were amnestied,” he said in the tone of Grandfather Frost, who brought gifts. – It makes no sense to name specific articles of violations, because according to the articles, everyone who was banned under this article is not always fully amnestied. What do you need to do in order to understand whether you have fallen under the amnesty or not. If the expulsion took place by a court order, you definitely did not get it. If the ban was issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then there is a chance that you fell under the amnesty. You need to write a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or do it on the website, check yourself. The main withdrawals from the base (bans-ed) were on August 18, enough time had passed for all the bases to load where needed. Check yourself, do not trust fraudulent lawyers, now there are a lot of them who say: “We will help you lift the ban.” You will bring him money, and you have already been withdrawn without him. Therefore, just check yourself in the databases on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In response to this, the patriotic Telegram channel Multinational voiced that 300,000 ethnic bandits were going to Russia. Others picked up. And away we go.

We call Kozhenov to clarify who is coming to us and what to prepare for.

– No comment, – replied Kozhenovfrightened by what had unfolded around his basically innocent message.

And all it was necessary to say that we are talking about those who have committed two or more administrative offenses. Administrative, not criminal.

– These are people who absolutely do not pose a threat to society, – explained kp.ru Head of the Center for Analytical and Practical Research of Migration Processes, formerly Deputy Head of the Federal Migration Service Vyacheslav Postavnin… – I crossed the road in the wrong place or violated the traffic rules – I exceeded the speed limit, parked in the wrong place, that is, such offenses that many Russians have a dime a dozen. But according to the current legislation, for 2 or more administrative violations, they are prohibited from entering Russia – as a rule, for 3 or 5 years. This is, of course, overkill. Amnesty is the result of negotiations at the level of the leaders of the countries, we do not have enough of our own labor resources.

According to the expert, it is possible to amnesty and those who were expelled by a court decision – but also when it comes to offenses that are harmless to society.

– This is how it happens in the courts – at a construction site or in an apartment or in a hostel, migrants will be found, someone will find violations – for example, they worked without a patent or some other violations related to work, and everyone goes to court, – continues Postavnin… – They consider cases as a list, and not individually, without taking into account specific circumstances. It seems to me that it is possible to look at the possibility of amnesty based on such decisions.

The amnesty can be extended to representatives of other neighboring states, experts say.

– Expulsion for minor administrative offenses is an absolutely harmful rule, – said kp.ru Chairman of the Commission on Migration Policy of the Council for Ethnic Affairs under the Government of Moscow Yuri Moskovsky… – It damages the country’s economy and its prestige. We talk about integration, but we expel you for any trifle. We have 3.5 million expulsions. I believe that amnesty should be granted not only to citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, but also to those who came from other countries – for example, Ukraine, Moldova. Many ethnic Russians also fall under the ban, I know such examples.

According to experts, there is a shortage of 1.2 million workers in Russia. Earlier, by presidential decree, until September 30, 2021, it was decided not to expel foreigners from Russia and not prohibit them from entering, even if they had no legal grounds for staying or living in the country on June 16. Favored treatment has been partially extended until the end of the year. “Foreign citizens from Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine can apply for a patent for work until December 31, 2021, without taking into account the requirements for the deadline for submission of documents and the declared purpose of entering the country,” says the website migrantmedia.


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