Miguel Cabrera celebrated the triumph of the Tigers as a child

The Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera celebrated as a child the dramatic triumph of the Detroit Tigers on the day corresponding to the MLB .

On Wednesday’s day the Milwaukee Brewers and the Detroit Tigers were measured at Comerica Park, where the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera he had no luck with the tree but again he did his thing.

In a spectacular pitching duel the Tigers left the hops on the ground with a score of 1-0.

The Bengals started the bottom with a runner in second (courtesy of Mr. Ron Manfred’s mind) and Derek Hill doubled for the CF to drive in the home team’s winning run.

Miguel Cabrera for his part went 3-0 with a ticket received, but I don’t know he was going to go unnoticed and he wanted to celebrate his team’s spectacular triumph like the child himself.

The Venezuelan, with the help of another teammate, carried the thermos of the team’s drink and threw it on Hill (who hit the gold ball).

Then Cabrera ran along with his companion, dying of laughter, after committing his mischief, like the kindergarten boy himself, towards the team’s cave.

On the other hand, it is a pride for Venezuelans who Miguel Cabrera is nominated by the Tigers to be eligible to win the Roberto Clemente award in this 2021 season.

This award is given to the player who has given great help to the community and who is the faithful example of what the Puerto Rican was to the people he helped so much.

Basically Miguel belongs to a commission that is helping to prevent and combat Covid-19 in the city of Detroit, which has been of great help to the community.

It must be remembered that Roberto Clemente, who shone with the Pittsburgh Pirates with his number 21, is for many the best Latino player of all time in the Major Leagues, but above all a great human being.

What was unfortunately proven with his death on December 31, 1972, when he was traveling to Nicaragua to help the victims of an earthquake and the plane he was traveling on fell, killing the great Roberto Clemente.

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