The first wife revealed terrible details about the TV presenter who died at 46

The first wife revealed terrible details about the TV presenter who died at 46


A friend of Mikhail Zelensky called the exact cause of death of the TV presenter in the Dominican Republic. At first, everyone said that the cause was a cerebral hemorrhage, but director Nikolai Sergeev denied this. Meanwhile, the first wife of the screen star announced the shocking news about the coma.

Cause of death of 46-year-old Mikhail Zelensky there was not a stroke, but a heart attack. “It is already known that he did not have a stroke, but a heart attack, that is, his heart stopped,” Nikolai Sergeev is quoted by

According to him, there should be no difficulties with the funeral. The TV presenter will find his last shelter at the Troekurovsky cemetery Moscow. It is not yet known whether there will be a civil funeral service.

Sergeev clarified that the widow Mila Rubinchik, with whom Zelensky rested, would personally supervise the organization of the funeral. According to the woman, nothing foreshadowed trouble on a tropical vacation, but suddenly Mikhail became ill. The presenter did not even have time to provide first aid. He died at the door of the first-aid post.

“Everything happened suddenly … I was there, everything happened before my eyes. Misha became ill, his condition worsened. We got to the first-aid post, everything happened there, right at the entrance. The doctors did everything they could, “said, in turn, the widow in the program” Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast on the Russia 1 channel.

The first wife of the TV presenter Olga Yashina also got in touch. The woman has no idea how Mikhail’s parents will survive the death of their only son. After all, once they almost lost him. But on that fateful day, the screen star was literally dragged from the other world.

“Such grief … Mom actually lost Misha for the second time. He also celebrated his birthday twice due to the fact that he was in a coma for about a month.. The fact that he came out of it was a miracle that no one could believe. And he was very close to his parents,” Olga said.


“We reached the medical aid station. He died right at the entrance”: the widow of Mikhail Zelensky reported the cause of his death

The TV presenter was able to reach the medical workers on his own, but it was not possible to save him (details)

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