Good news also happens. At a time when the Supreme Court specializes in overturning convictions, Congress is dedicated to passing laws that favor robbers and Bolsonaro suggests to the “idiot” that he wants beans to buy a rifle, the Military Justice sentenced eight members of an Army patrol that he executed in April 2019, musician Evaldo Rosa and can collector Luciano Macedo.

The military operation was a mess. It happened on a Sunday, in a town in the back of Rio de Janeiro: Guadeloupe, in the North Zone. The soldiers fired 257 rifle and pistol bullets. Sixty-two bullets hit Evaldo’s car. Nine pierced the musician’s body, who died instantly. The scavenger Luciano was shot at the moment he was trying to help Evaldo. He died hours later.

At the moment it was passed in the arms, the musician Evaldo was going to a baby shower. His wife, an elderly man and two children were with him in the car. The dead man was called a criminal by the Eastern Military Command. In an official note, the army unit accused the musician of shooting at the patrol, which reacted “to the unjust aggression.” It was false news, the army would admit it the next morning.

Five days late, Bolsonaro said at the time that “the army belongs to the people” and no one can “accus the people of being a murderer.” He called the execution an “incident”.

Dictionaries define incident as “inconvenient fact”. Something that “plays a secondary, incidental role.” After two and a half years, the lieutenant who commanded the Army patrol was sentenced to 31 years and 6 months in jail. Another seven soldiers got 28 years in prison.

The sentence demonstrates that what happened in Rio was a summary execution, not a minor inconvenience, as Bolsonaro tried to have us believe. Although it is still open to appeal, the verdict of the Military Justice is not a trivial fact. This is great news.

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