Minimum services requested for March 2nd and 3rd strikes are “illegal”, says Fenprof | Education

Fenprof’s general secretary revealed this Wednesday that the Ministry of Education asked for minimum services for the strikes in schools on March 2 and 3, which the union considers to be “illegal” and “unworthy of democracy”.

“It is unacceptable and unworthy of democracy that for a two-day strike minimum services were requested”, accused Mário Nogueira, referring to the ministry’s decision regarding the stoppage scheduled for March 2 in schools in the north and center of the country ( above Coimbra) and on the 3rd to the south.

“In our opinion, requests for minimum services are illegal. teacher hiring and placement model.

Mário Nogueira recalled that there is jurisprudence on this matter, referring to the teachers’ strikes for the national exams of 2018, leading the guardianship to convene minimum services: “The court considered the minimum services illegal, the Ministry of Education appealed, but it was again considered illegal” , he recalled.

The Ministry of Education had already requested minimum services for the strike decreed by the Union of All Education Professionals (Stop), which began in early December and continues, with the arbitral tribunal ruling in favor of the request for guardianship.

Since mid-January, minimum services have been decreed for the Stop strike. Meanwhile, the platform of nine unions of which Fenprof is part decided to schedule a two-day strike for March, and this Wednesday the ministry also decided to ask for minimum services for those two days.

About the negotiations that this Wednesday were resumed, Mário Nogueira says that as the diploma stands there will be no agreement.

The fifth round of negotiations continues on Friday, when issues that were not analyzed on Wednesday will be addressed, with new meetings already scheduled for February 23, advanced the Fenprof leader, adding that meetings may still be held afterwards. supplementary.

This Wednesday, the 12 trade union structures began to analyze the new document, with “many aspects that were asked for clarification”, he added, giving as an example the fact that the proposal envisages that the teachers who were not placed on the 31st of December out of bonds, even when they have “15 years of service”.

“We delivered a dossier with many contracted colleagues who are outside the binding”, he said, adding that “the tender diploma does not correspond to what should be a fair diploma in which no one is surpassed by others”.

“The issues in which we are more distant from the ministry are yet to come”, he added, noting that in addition to the diploma now under discussion, the teachers “will not abandon their claims” in other matters such as the recovery of the frozen period of service, the end of vacancies and quotas for access to the 5th and 7th levels or the long working hours.

Even if the ministry’s proposal was “an extraordinary document, which it is not”, as long as the guardianship does not agree to negotiate the remaining matters, “there will be no document that stops teachers”.

Mário Nogueira again underlined that the unions do not demand that these matters be immediately negotiated, but ask that a timetable be made.

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